Client Testimonials

Here is an unsolicited email from a client in the marijuana industry in Colorado speaking about the quality of our work. It contains the owner’s reaction to a branding strategy we developed for an innovative new product.

The document included recommendations for company and product names, packaging and pricing strategies, general brand and design recommendations, and a variety of tactical strategy recommendations for the product’s development and launch.


This unsolicited email is from the owner of one of the top sales training companies in the world. He sent it after we made some adjustments to his paid search campaigns (budget did not increase at all).


Below is a handwritten note that was included with a check we received from the owner of Boulder Decks. You know clients liked your work when they write notes like this as they are parting with their money.

We helped with branding, general marketing and operations strategy, corporate identity, website architecture, and copywriting.


Forrest has a unique set of skills that helped us clarify our message and improve the way we talk about our service offering. We struggled with this for a long time. Forrest took us through a discovery process that helped define our business value in a concise manner. It became crystal clear how we needed to present ourselves to be more persuasive when selling.

We found that Solve Sales helped to improve not only our website (the main reason we hired them) but also our personal ability to present our services to current and potential clients. Before we worked with Solve Sales our message was a bit fuzzy and inconsistent, now our message is clear and consistent. Solve Sales and Forrest have been instrumental in getting Brook Trout Telecom to the next level.

Chris Pariese
Brook Trout Telecom

In my daily business as a C-level executive coach, I come across and work with some exceptionally gifted and successful people, more often than naught, with exceptional problem solving skills in sales. Forrest is not only just such a person, but he possesses skills at another level and beyond. He has the rare ability to gain immediate clarity of any situation and provide doable, pragmatic solutions to the most complex sales and business challenges. I have worked with Forrest for years on a variety of projects and he never ceases to amaze me with his skill to make business life simpler and more abundant with all he engages with. Should you make the decision to work with him, be assured, you will have a great experience with an individual who always delivers far more than he ever promises and at the highest level of integrity.

Russell Owens
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