There are several key factors to consider when determining if The Extraction Program™ is a good fit for you. Do the following bullet points describe your situation?

  • Your business sells services to other businesses (B2B) and warrants a strategic sales process.
  • You already have a good unique value proposition, decent flow of qualified leads, and annual revenue of $1 – $50 million. In other words, your company is established and doing well, but you need help getting to the next level.
  • You have a strong growth imperative, but as the owner or CEO you are still heavily involved in day-to-day sales tasks and struggle to fully extract yourself.
  • You’re stuck in sales due to one or more of the following reasons:
    • You’ve been successful but don’t have a sales background or the knowledge to build a self-sufficient sales team.
    • Most (or all) of the salespeople you hired have not worked out, and you think “I’m the only one that can sell this.”
    • You have one sales ace, but they are toxic, won’t train anyone else, and are holding your company hostage.
    • Your sales process is not optimized and/or well-documented so it’s not consistent, repeatable, or scalable.
    • You have a small sales team (1 – 5 individuals), but you know that if you stopped participating in sales, then your business results would suffer.

The classic “it depends” answer applies here. Some clients have no salespeople other than the owner, while others have an existing team. Some clients have more in-house sales expertise and a decent process in place compared to others. On average good progress can be made in 3 – 6 months while it takes most companies 12 – 24 months to get through the entire program.

During the sales process we’ll perform a high-level diagnosis and customize the order of our work based on your specific needs and priorities. Most people start by focusing on their core sales processes and then tackle additional aspects of The Extraction Model™ as needed. Other clients might start off working on hiring and managing their team. Since our program terms are month to month and you can cancel any time with 30-days’ written notice you’re free to stay on and work through as much or as little of The Extraction Model™ as you like.

While we can adjust to your pace, you should know upfront that we are here to teach you how to fish, not fish for you. We do put our consultant hat on when specific advice and expertise is needed but fundamentally we’re coaching, facilitating, and guiding you and your team. The templates, examples, and worksheets we provide along the way do some of the heavy lifting for you but it’s your responsibility to “do the work.” Estimate about 1 – 3 hours of work per week outside of our CCT Work Sessions™. Also, to keep things moving, your program manager is available in between sessions to review your work and provide feedback via email, as well as hop on Zoom calls to discuss any hiccups, questions, or challenges that arise along the way.

It’s important to know that we are not a web design, marketing, or branding agency. We’re fundamentally a sales coaching, consulting, and training company. While opportunity generation is a critical part of our model, our ideal clients already succeed as a company. They generally have a pretty well-defined brand, a unique value proposition, a decent flow of leads, and annual revenues from $2MM to $50MM per year. So, while we’ll absolutely work with you to refine and document your unique value statements, sales messaging, lead generation strategy, and supporting brand assets, if you’re in desperation mode and don’t have the basic blocking and tackling done (a nice website, some leads and sales, at least some happy customers, etc.) you’re probably not ready for our program. If you feel like you’re on the fence, let’s have a “fit” conversation and figure it out together.

The short answer is yes. The longer answer is each client’s situation is different and our sales training solutions come in a few different flavors. Our core extraction program is designed squarely to meet the needs of owners stuck in sales. It’s about helping you “build the machine.” If you already have a larger sales team operating on their own and you are looking for more traditional sales training, we do have skill training programs on a variety of topics designed to help your team “run the machine.” Contact us to discuss the options.

For owners with a smaller sales team (1 – 5) and stuck participating in day-to-day sales activities, we can include your sales team in the CCT Work Sessions™ and train them along the way on the operation of your new sales operating system. It’s best to discuss how this works during an initial “fit” conversation, which you can schedule here.

We will conduct a high-level diagnosis during our sales process to a) make sure the program is a fit for you and b) determine the right priorities for the first few months of our work together. At the end of the diagnosis and first 30 days of working together you’ll have two options. The first and most common option is to continue working through the 4 Pillars of The Extraction Model™ in priority order until you’ve gotten all the help you want. Your second option is to say this program is not a fit for you and you don’t want to continue. If you request a refund at the end of the first 30 days we’ll ask you to help us understand what parts of the process did not meet your expectations so we can improve. Otherwise, you’ll get 100% of whatever fee you’ve paid refunded without any hassle. We have no desire to keep anyone’s money if they’re not completely delighted. For what it’s worth, nobody has ever selected option 2.

CCT stands for Coaching, Consulting, and Training. Coaching is fundamentally about asking questions and guiding you to uncover your own answers. Consulting, on the other hand, is where a person with experience in a particular field provides specific how-to advice. Finally, training is about teaching or imparting specific knowledge that helps enhance a skill. Our program leaders skillfully blend these three approaches during each session to deliver a dynamic experience that leads to the most effective solutions for your needs.

The owner/CEO is expected to attend every session. While no other team members are required to attend, relevant sales or administrative staff are welcome to attend any session. With a maximum of four total participants in any one session (including the Owner/CEO). 

During your initial discovery meeting we’ll discuss your current situation and priorities in great detail. We’ll then share the topics and modules we believe will have the greatest impact and lay out a strategy for at least the next 2 – 3 months. From there we’ll introduce new topics and modules as our work unfolds. While structured, it’s an organic process where the next priorities rise to the top and we all agree on what we’ll tackle in the upcoming sessions.

Are You Ready to Free Yourself from Day-to-Day Sales Tasks?

Let’s have a conversation about your situation and the program details.