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Solve Sales is a boutique agency based in Denver, Colorado. We have strict criteria for who we’ll work with. We’re on a mission of quality, not quantity. To ensure you get the expert consulting and results you’re looking for, you’ll work directly with our founding partners.


I have had an eclectic entrepreneurial career. I’ve owned a gourmet popcorn company, retail wine and liquor store, digital marketing agency, and currently co-own Solve Sales as well as a unique childrens’ T-shirt company ( And that’s not even the whole list. 


I’ve sold high speed internet access to small businesses, digital marketing services to Amazon and Costco, and a variety of other services. During my 20-year career as a sales and marketing professional I’ve spoken to the owners, marketing managers and sales reps at literally thousands of companies. 


Did I mention I was a licensed attorney, wrote a bestselling book on sales, and was named one of the top 40 digital marketing strategists in the US? 


I’m not listing my accomplishments to brag (maybe a little, I’m a sales guy after all). I’m mentioning all of these experiences because they will benefit you. 


My varied work history allows me to attack sales challenges from multiple angles. There is virtually no sales and business development issue I’ve not been exposed to as either a business owner, marketing manager, sales rep, or sales consultant.


The result is you get a truly unique and creative approach to solving sales that’s rooted in real world experience.

“The supreme accomplishment is the blur the line between work and play.”

—Arnold J. Toynbee


Hey there. Here’s a bit about me:


I have 25 years of experience as a sales professional and sales consultant. I was also a stand-up comedian for over a decade and had the opportunity to produce live events for some of the biggest names in entertainment including TEDx, Live Nation and Miami Marlins. 


So what does my comedy background have to do with sales? Simple. Investing in sales training that’s boring and routine is a waste of money.  


Whether it’s in-person or virtual instructor-led training, I understand how to build a curriculum that lives at the intersection of education and entertainment. Ultimately a more engaged team learns faster, which leads to a quicker ROI on sales training. If you have an engagement problem, (yo) I’ll solve it. 


And my passion isn’t limited to sales training, I’m also into cortados, 90s alt rock, the beach, The Onion, Larry David, dry socks, dark chocolate, and of course my family.

“Be so good they can’t ignore you.”

—Steve Martin

You’ll get not only increased sales but a finely tuned sales machine that includes all the documentation, tools, and training aids you need to retain great talent, easily hire and train new salespeople, and scale sales with less stress.

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