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Solve Sales is a boutique agency based in Denver, Colorado. We have strict criteria for who we’ll work with. We’re on a mission of quality, not quantity. To ensure you get the expert consulting and results you’re looking for, you’ll work directly with our founding partners.


I have had an eclectic entrepreneurial career. I’ve owned a gourmet popcorn company, retail wine and liquor store, digital marketing agency, and currently co-own Solve Sales as well as a unique childrens’ T-shirt company ( And that’s not even the whole list.


I’ve sold high speed internet access to small businesses, digital marketing services to Amazon and Costco, and a variety of other services. During my 20-year career as a sales and marketing professional I’ve spoken to the owners, marketing managers, and sales reps at literally thousands of companies.


Did I mention I was a licensed attorney, wrote a bestselling book on sales, and was named one of the top 40 digital marketing strategists in the US?


I’m not listing my accomplishments to brag (maybe a little, I’m a sales guy after all). I’m mentioning all of these experiences because they will benefit you.


My varied work history allows me to attack sales challenges from multiple angles. I’ve ben exposed to virtually every sales or business development issue, either as a business owner, marketing manager, sales rep, or sales consultant.


The result is that you get a truly unique and creative approach to solving sales that’s rooted in real world experience.

“The supreme accomplishment is to the blur the line between work and play.”

—Arnold J. Toynbee


My sales career started in 1996 when I learned to sell dial-up accounts and web hosting plans to small businesses. Back in those days, my cutting-edge CRM software consisted of 4×6 index cards inside an old Nike shoebox.

Over the past 25 years a lot has changed, but not my drive for helping my clients succeed.

I’ve booked hundreds of “closed won” deals with marquee clients like AT&T, Red Bull, Meijer, and the Miami Marlins to name a few.

For the sake of optimism, I never kept track of my “closed lost” deals. That said, there were a handful of heartbreaks from which I pull some of my best sales stories and lessons. 

Also, I’m a recovering stand-up comedian. Odd as it may seem, my experience slinging jokes helped me win more deals at work. Over the years Solve Sales has incorporated engagement techniques I used on stage to make all our programs more effective. 

This brings us to the present day. For the past 7 years, I’ve been a sales consultant and trainer, helping B2B business owners extract themselves from the day-to-day grind of sales so they can focus on being the CEO their organization needs to reach its next level of growth. 

“Be so good they can’t ignore you.”

—Steve Martin

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