The Extraction Model

The 4 Pillars

For the leader of a company to truly extract themselves from day-to-day sales tasks the 4 Pillars in The Extraction Model™ must be optimized, documented, and delegated.

The Extraction Model™

A Comprehensive Sales Operating System

Everything Documented for Repeatability, Consistency, & Scalability

1. Opportunity

Owner extraction requires that your business generates a consistent flow of sales-qualified leads. Like everything else in The Extraction Model™, in order to delegate business development tasks and still enjoy great results your approach must be strategically sound and well documented. 

Solve Sales The Extraction Model Opportunity

2. Process

To maximize sales and scale your team you must use a proven, repeatable sales process designed specifically for B2B service companies. No winging it. Like the engine in your car, everything else in The Extraction Model™ is driven by your core sales process which includes the templates and technology you use to run it. 

3. Team

Building a productive and self-sufficient sales team is where many owners struggle. Hiring good help and ramping them up quickly is hard. Use a team selling approach and sales focused hiring process to make everything easier.

The Extraction Model​ Accountability

4. Accountability

Whether it’s you or a dedicated sales manager, the team leader needs to use certain tools, tactics, and reporting structures to hold each individual accountable to hitting revenue targets. Also, using a proven coaching framework helps to retain key employees. 

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