Take This Shortcut to Closing More Deals

Playing Chess

When your digital marketing agency is struggling to close new clients, it’s easy to get lost trying to find a solution. The next thing you know, you’re going down the rabbit hole of fine-tuning your lead generation campaigns and obsessing over new courses to improve your sales skills.

And it’s all a waste of time. 


In the race to win more deals, making prospects feel secure that you’re the best digital marketing agency to help them maximize results is the quickest way to beat your competition.


The secret to conveying unique value isn’t complicated – but it’s up to you to put in the hard work. 

Playing Chess Against Babies

Obviously, clients want to build partnerships that deliver great results, and they’re looking for that proof from the very first pitch. Being good at your job is mandatory. But how can you make it clear during the sales process that clients see you as the best choice?


One of the easiest and most powerful moves is to specialize. 


If you search for “specialization” on the Harvard Business Review, you’ll find pages and pages of case studies telling the stories of companies who have secured success by offering specialized products, services, and insights.


So let’s bring that idea to life for your digital marketing agency.


Let’s say your ideal client profile revolves around servicing small businesses. That’s still pretty broad. You’ll be swimming in a sea of stiff competition, including battling lots of free and low-cost service providers.


If you go a step further, by working only with lawn care companies, for example, you’ll be seen as a specialist. If the owner of a lawn care business is looking to hire a digital marketing agency, which agency would you rather be?

Agency A

We are a digital marketing agency that produces great results and has great customer service.

Agency B

We are a digital marketing agency that produces great results and has great customer service.

Agency C

We are a digital marketing agency that specializes in generating leads for local lawn care businesses.

When you’re a specialist up against generalists, it’s like playing chess against babies. All else being equal, Agency C wins this sales game every time.

Follow Your Specialty to Success

Now that you know what to do, it’s time to get started. Take a long, hard look at your strengths, your resources, and your past successes. Here’s a couple of questions to get you started on the path to specialization.


  • With your agency’s current experience and skill set, is there a specific internet marketing problem you’re good at solving?
  • What are your competitors’ specialties? 
  • Do you directly compete, or can you carve out your own niche?
  • Are there any red flag industries that you want to avoid?
  • Which specific clients can you produce the best results for?

The Best Way to Increase Sales of Digital Marketing Services 

By narrowing your focus and brand positioning, it will be obvious where you should market your services, and you’ll have a powerful point of differentiation you can promote during sales presentations. 


But you can do more. 


Positioning yourself as the best choice by  specializing your services is just part of a more comprehensive – and more powerful – strategy: playing winnable games. 


Take things to the next level with my full article on The Best Way to Increase Sales of Digital Marketing Services to understand specialization in the context of playing winnable games, now.

Better yet! Hire our team to help you workshop and create a winning team that will increase leads and sales.