How We Help B2B Companies Grow Sales

Our services are delivered as either a comprehensive consulting project or a stand-alone workshop. All of our solutions are built upon the following five principles.

Principle #1: You Must Have a Valuable Insight to Share

Warren Buffet once said “good jockeys will do well on good horses but not on broken down nags.”


Even great salespeople will lose deals if your company does not offer at least one powerful reason to select you over your competitors. 


When you arm salespeople with a unique insight and educational messaging that gets prospects to say “wow, nobody else told me that, you’re clearly the best option,” marketing and sales are WAY easier.


Skip this step and your team will struggle.

Warren Buffet Valuable Insight

Principle #2: The Power is in Your Process

Many clients (and sales consultants) want to jump right into training. That’s often a mistake. The first rule of scaling a sales team is the power is in your process. 


While a natural sales ace can wing it, growing a productive sales team requires an easy to learn, repeatable, and consistent process that everyone can succeed with.  


Our team will work with you to diagnose the gaps and inefficiencies in your current approach and build an optimized sales process so even average salespeople get great results.

Principle #3: Documentation Drives Scalability

Imagine we dumped a pile of LEGO bricks on your desk and asked you to build the Millennium Falcon. Even the best builders would struggle. This is similar to hiring a salesperson, handing them a stack of business cards, and saying “have at it.” 


Now imagine we gave you the Millennium Falcon box that included a picture of the finished product, the bricks meticulously sorted in bags, and step-by-step instructions. While assembling 7,541 pieces might take some time, most 10 year olds can easily produce a movie-quality replica. 


That’s the power of a well-documented process. It helps salespeople with even average skills generate great results. 


Documentation builds efficiency, repeatability, and ultimately scalability in your sales department. Our team will help you create all the tools, templates and instructions for running your shiny new sales process.

Principle #4: Dynamic Training Delivers Better Results

Even with detailed documentation your team needs certain sales skills to be successful. We have developed a dynamic approach that we call Triple E Training: 


Effective: Unlike many sales trainers that use tired, off-the-shelf frameworks, our training is more effective because we customize it to your specific sales scenario. 


Enlightening: Our training goes beyond what to “do” by including Zen principles such as mindfulness and detachment to help your team evolve who they’re “being.” 


Engaging: One of our founders has a decade of stand-up comedy experience so we include skill-building games, breakout exercises and other interactivity to amp up the engagement. 


Training is delivered in person, via Zoom or using a combination of the two.

Principle #5: Coaching and Accountability Make it Work

While anyone can pick up a useful tip or two, sales skills do not improve much by simply sitting in a 90 minute training session.


Substantive behavior change that drives bottom-line results requires ongoing monitoring, coaching and management in the field.   


We will help your team internalize our training through ride-alongs and one-on-one coaching. Also, we will deliver a coaching, management and tracking framework your team leads can use to keep improving sales results over the long term.  

You’ll get not only increased sales but a finely tuned sales machine that includes all the documentation, tools, and training aids you need to retain great talent, easily hire and train new salespeople, and scale sales with less stress.

Start Solving Sales

We offer a complimentary strategy session to determine if we’re a fit for each other. This is not a sales pitch disguised as a consultation. We promise a productive conversation that will deliver actionable insights even if you never hire us.