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Book Description

In digital marketing sales, you’re used to doing it all. You generate leads, close deals, and service clients. But when you fail to fulfill your potential, every unmet objective, missed opportunity, and sleepless night takes its toll—on your business and you.


It’s time you get the solutions you need.


In Clone the Ace, Forrest Dombrow provides actionable tactics you can use to grow sales and build a scalable system. Forrest has sold SEO to Amazon, CRO to Costco, and more than $15 million of digital services to companies of all sizes. This step-by-step guidebook will show you:

  • The $50-per-month marketing plan Forrest used to build his seven-figure agency.
  • A scientifically-proven technique to increase your lead response 100x.
  • The simple change you can make in five minutes to have prospects hungry to hire you.
  • A one-page questionnaire that dramatically improves win-rate and client retention. 
  • A comprehensive sales process that transforms average salespeople into aces.
  • Whether you own a digital marketing agency or you simply want to improve your sales game, this book is your ultimate resource for getting sales handled, once and for all. 

Author Bio

Forrest Dombrow is serial entrepreneur and a sales consultant with seventeen years of experience in the online marketing industry. He has worked with hundreds of small and medium-sized businesses, and has sold millions of dollars in digital marketing services to some of the largest brands in the world.


Forrest was named one of the Online Marketing Institute’s Top 40 Digital Strategists in Marketing and is a featured speaker at some of the industry’s most prestigious conferences. He lives, works, and golfs in Denver, Colorado.

Why Should I Read This Book?

Clone the Ace was written for agency owners, sales managers and freelancers that are experiencing one or more of the following challenges.

You’re Not Generating Enough Leads

Whether you’re struggling to generate enough leads or the quality is poor, we cover a ton of actionable strategies you can use to fix this issue pretty quickly.

You’re Having Trouble Closing Deals

If you have a decent flow of leads but you’re struggling to close deals, you’ll get a proven sales process and learn specific skills you can use to close like an ace.

You’re in the Hamster Wheel of Death

If you’re an overwhelmed owner that can’t extricate yourself from running sales while taking care of clients and managing your company, get this book now.

You’ve Had Problems Hiring Salespeople

If every time you’ve hired a sales “pro” they let you down, or you’re gearing up for your first sales hire, Clone the Ace can really change your world. 

You’re Struggling to Scale Sales

Without a proven, repeatable process, building an effective and scalable sales team is nearly impossible. This book provides the process and training you need.

You’re Having Trouble Retaining Clients

Client retention starts during the sales process. This book will show you how to find Winnable Games and bring on clients that you can retain over the long term.

Advance Praise

Advance Praise

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Download the entire beginning of the book through the super popular chapter 2 and get actionable strategies you can use to improve sales right away.

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Whether you’re not generating enough quality leads or having trouble

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