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Find Your Viral Voice™

Picture this...A woman named Julie purchases a service from your company.

Julie’s experience is so amazing that she raves about it on Facebook. After reading her post, many of Julie’s friends buy your service too.

All these new customers have the same great experience, and their excitement starts a social media storm that generates exponential growth.

You’ve created a viral sales bonanza, an almost frictionless money machine.

How much easier would your sales and marketing efforts be if you offered an outstanding experience that automatically triggered your clients’ referral reflex?


Why Viral Product Development Should Be Important to You Regardless of Your Job Title, Industry, or the Specific Sales Challenge You Face

You don’t want a new website or sales training or to be ranked number one on Google. You don’t even want more leads. Not really.

What you want is the additional sales you believe those tools and tactics will produce.

Stated more accurately, you want to use available resources to create maximum profit.

Here’s the cool part.

If you do the math behind word-of-mouth marketing, deliberately creating a viral product or service that gets people referring you for free is always, 100% of the time, the most effective way to maximize sales and profits. Nothing else comes close.

Our entire approach is based on this premise, and it colors everything we do.

Keep reading to fully understand why the viral product approach should matter to you even if you have zero control over the specific products and services your company sells.

Foundational Principal:

Mindset vs. Magic Bullet

The viral sales scenario presented at the top of this page represents perfection.

While we have techniques that increase viral referral behavior, no one can predict a massive hit with 100% certainty.

Also, success can be defined in many different ways. For some companies, generating five more referrals a month or increasing their closing ratio by 20% would be a huge success.

We use the viral product ideal as a compass that points to maximum profitability. If you can bake even a little “virality” into your business, it makes sales and marketing more effective.

It’s a mindset, not a magic bullet.

Mindset #1: Viral Products vs. Viral Videos


History is littered with viral YouTube videos and popular Super Bowl commercials that did not translate to more sales for the company that produced the content.

While viral videos and publicity stunts can generate sales, building viral qualities right in to your products and services is plan A.

If you offer a viral product, making a viral video about that product becomes easier (or unnecessary).

If you are making a video, be sure the element that triggers the referral behavior has something to do with the core benefits and features of your product.

Mindset #2: The Janitor Is on Your Sales Team


Would you buy fruits and vegetables from a store with filthy shelves?

You might make one purchase in a pinch, but you won’t be back, and you certainly would not recommend that store to a friend.

Your entire business, the total experience you produce, is your product. EVERYTHING about your company, from its name to the way your employees answer the phone to the location and decor in your office, is your product. The janitor is on your sales team.

Because everything you do is part of your product, simply changing the style of your uniforms or jazzing up how you write on Facebook can become a viral agent.

This mindset is good news for those of you who sell services people would not typically talk about with their friends (like insurance) or those of you who do not have any control over the products and services you represent.

As we mentioned in Mindset #1, the trick to driving sales is to make sure the element that generates the referral behavior has a direct connection to the core reason(s) people purchase your products and services.

Mindset #3: Your Business Is a Conversation


All commerce happens through conversation.

While emotions are critical, people make their final purchasing decision in language. You receive no money until a potential customer says, “I’m going to buy this now.”

Customers get to that final buying decision (and the referral conversation you hope they have after making a purchase) through the conversations they have with your business at every touch point.

For example, when prospects are on your website, they make judgments and ask questions just as they do when talking to a live salesperson. Assuming there is no live chat, the website conversation simply happens in prospects’ heads as they click around.

Whether it was created consciously or not, your business communicates a message. The conversations you have with prospects engage and persuade them to do business with you or not.

What are you saying?

More importantly, are your customers talking about you with their friends and colleagues? If so, what are they saying about you?

Mindset #4: Every Form of Language Is Part of the Conversation

When we use the term conversation, we don’t mean merely words. Since EVERYTHING you do is part of your conversation, all forms of language are in play.

Here are a few examples of language beyond the written or spoken word.

  • Movement/Speed
  • Context & Contrast
  • Pictures
  • Sound
  • Size
  • Color
  • Body Language
  • Touch & Feel
  • Smell
  • Shape
  • Price
  • Tone

Each of the above forms of language represents an opportunity to build viral attributes into your conversation to drive new sales and referral behavior.

Mindset #5: Message First, Megaphone Second


Your website, your salespeople, your Facebook page, and your tradeshow booth are merely megaphones.

While powerful, megaphones only broadcast and amplify your message; they have no inherent magic in them.

Your message makes the difference.

Also, megaphones work both ways. If you offer an undifferentiated or inferior service, your customers may use online channels to broadcast negative word of mouth.

How well do you think your new Facebook page or sales training is going to work if you have a slew of negative reviews online?

Mindset #6: The Ultimate Mindset

What we’ve established so far:

  • Your real goal is to maximize profit.
  • The best way to maximize profit is to create a viral product.
  • Your entire business is your product.
  • Your business is conversation.
  • The conversation is made up of various forms of language.
  • Sales, marketing, and advertising are merely megaphones for your message.

The ultimate mindset, no matter your job title, your industry, or your specific challenge, is to find what we call your Viral Voice  and infuse that voice into everything you do.

Regardless of what you hire us to do, this is the mindset we’ll use.

How to Find and Develop Your Viral VoiceTM 

Well this sounds exciting, but how do you do it?

What makes people want to refer products or services to their friends and colleagues?

There are several specific elements that drive all referral behavior. When you know what they are, you can deliberately build them into your business.

Contact us and we’ll show you.

If you’ve gained even one new idea from reading this page, you’ve already started the process of increasing your sales.

First one’s free, tell your friends.

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