Retain & Grow Clients

Solutions for Retaining and Growing Clients

“There’s gold in them that hills.” —Mulberry Sellers

If you’ve been in sales or marketing for more than five minutes, surely you’ve heard someone say it’s easier and more profitable to sell additional services to existing customers than it is to acquire new customers.

The notion that you should focus on retaining and maximizing the lifetime value of your clients is sort of like someone telling you should call your mom more often or get your ass to the gym on a regular basis. You know you should, but for some reason you don’t.


Which of These Scenarios Best Describes Your Situation?

1We sign up plenty of clients, but they don’t stick around very long.

2Lots of people take our free trial but don’t convert to paying customers.

3We do little (or nothing) to proactively reach out to past or existing clients.

4We have plenty of clients, but most use only a small portion of what we offer.

The causes of the above issues can range from a simple lack of focus to more complex challenges such as overpromising and underdelivering. As with all of our services, we’ll start with a diagnostic process designed to identify and highlight areas for improvement.

A Sample of the Specific Retention and Growth Solutions We Offer

Our services map directly to common problems we see during diagnosis.

  • Develop sales and marketing strategy geared toward existing clients
  • Develop products and messaging for upsells and cross-sells
  • Create and implement a client retention and growth program
  • Develop service delivery processes to ensure customer satisfaction
  • Develop strategic partnerships and licensing opportunities to expand your reach
  • Develop programs to stimulate referrals from existing clients
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