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How I transformed from a guy who stood in the corner at networking events eating hors d’oeuvres to an award-winning sales professional

My name is Forrest Dombrow, and I’m the founder of Solve Sales.

In 2007, I started an online marketing agency with three partners.

Not long after we ordered our shiny business cards, we lost the partner who was in charge of sales and business development.

The remaining partners and I were practitioners who did the work for our clients, not salespeople. Making matters worse, we had no budget to hire a salesperson or do any advertising.

I raised my hand to give sales a shot. This was a big leap for me.

You see, my father was in sales, and if there was one thing I learned by watching him, it was that I would definitely never be a salesperson. While he was fantastic, his job seemed like the exact opposite of what I liked to do.

As an adult, on the rare occasion I attended a networking event, I generally stood in the corner eating. Although I was relatively social, for me, talking to people at networking events was like pulling teeth; it drained me.

Furthermore, “closing” seemed like something only boiler-room stockbrokers or douche bag alpha males could do. Sales was not my thing, or so I thought.

In 2008 I started with a $50 a month budget and basically no experience.

I created my sales and marketing plan, read tons of sales books, grabbed a stack of business cards, and got to work. Below is the exact sales and marketing plan I used (word for word).

  • Goal: Close two deals per month
  • Attend four networking events every month
  • Speak at one event every month (I had no speaking experience)
  • Conduct sales presentations
  • Create proposals
  • Follow up and close
  • Don’t do anything else; stay focused
Forrest Dombrow


Flash forward to 2013.

After the first year “on the job,” I was invited to join a national speaking tour on digital marketing. Also, I cocreated a Meetup group that attracted hundreds of attendees, nationally recognized speakers, and sponsorship from Google.

The lead generation and sales skills I developed allowed me to close deals involving major companies such as Costco, Office Depot, and Great West Life Insurance.

Most importantly, I routinely closed 80 percent of the qualified leads I generated and hit or exceeded the company sales goals every month.

By the time I sold my shares of the company in 2014, I had outsold our capacity several times and was named one of the top forty digital marketing strategists in the United States by the Online Marketing Institute. When speaking at the aforementioned marketing conferences, audience members rated my presentation first or second overall (out of twenty) in every city we visited.

In the end, I grew to love networking, speaking, selling, and closing deals.

Sales became my thing. So much so that I created Solve Sales to help you with your sales challenges.

Here’s the kicker.

I succeeded at sales due in part to my work ethic and sales skills. However, the real secret to my success was the viral qualities we built into our business.

I, along with my partners, spent quite a bit of time developing and refining our products and services so they would stand out from our competitors and resonate with our prospects.

Knowing we offered services that were unique and incredibly valuable allowed me to walk into sales situations with an unflinching confidence that often sealed the deal. Furthermore, once we got some momentum, we generated lots of easy-to-close referrals.

Our unique approach to viral product development is our secret sauce.

Beyond my sales and product development experience, I have an eclectic background that allows me to approach sales and marketing challenges from almost any conceivable angle. Here’s a summary:

  • I’m a licensed attorney.
  • I started and sold a gourmet popcorn company.
  • I started and sold a retail wine and liquor store.
  • I started and sold my share of the Internet marketing agency referenced above.
  • I started and sold another Internet company before we had any customers (we were able to sell the company with no revenue because the concept, brand, and message had viral attributes built in—just like we preach here).
  • I’ve helped well over 150 businesses in every conceivable industry with branding, web architecture, online advertising, landing page testing, persuasive copywriting, and a variety of other sales and marketing initiatives.
  • When Solve Sales is not the right solution (or only part of the solution), you get access to my valuable network of vetted experts.

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